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Plagiarism policy
"Zero Plagiarism" Tolerance

At American-Writers.org, we adopt "Zero Plagiarism Tolerance" policy in our entire academic works, irrespective of size, content or genre. We view instances of plagiarism very seriously, an academic offence which cannot be condoned or overlooked, despite overwhelming extenuating factors or situations. Even unintended, or accidental instances of plagiarism, wherein a researcher overlooks to provide the reference list although he has prepared the reference draft, would come within the ambit and legal framework of plagiarism, however much researcher denies its existence, or its causes and invite disciplinary and legal actions

Anti-Plagiarism efforts of our cohort of writers

All of our professional online writers have signed anti-plagiarism agreements in all their works and they adhere to this doctrine fully in letter and spirit. They are well aware and cognizant of our policies regarding plagiarism, fresh writers included. They are also well versed with reigning laws and our regulatory regime, being well qualified, experienced and accomplished academicians and seasoned practitioners who have been high grade University professors for the better part of their careers and have contributed, in no small measure, to success and development of academic profession. They would not dream of engaging in any kind of undesirable practices or illegal activities since they are fully aware of its disastrous consequences on all concerned- their own selves, business client and their hiring online writing company, American-Writers.org.

Strong recruitment policies deter academic plagiarism

Currently, we do not recruit new writers from any other country, other than the above, and the quality and appreciation we gain from various clients are truly reflective of the trust, reliance and faith we place on our native writers, many of whom are drawn from academic, healthcare and allied professions itself. Indeed, to be candid, for these accomplished and native English speakers, the need for resorting to plagiarism to complete a paper does not really arise since they can offer a 2:1 level paper with minimum efforts on their part. They reside in countries where English is taught and learned as First Language, and being highly proficient and expert writers, they are able to carry out their professional duties in best and most risk free academic environment.

Zero-Plagiarism Guarantee

We fully guarantee that all our completed works meet "Zero Plagiarism Tolerance" standards and agree to fully indemnify (with fresh work) customers, who raise genuine issues of plagiarism in our works. Passing off others; ideas and words as writer's own is not at all tolerated by this company and we shall strive to make all our offered works,100% free of plagiarism of any kind, or intent. We accept in principle and practice, global or country- specific, domestic law anti plagiarism laws and guidelines and offer to fully avoid copying in any and all of our works to our global and domestic customers.

Highest Standards of Professional excellence

At American-Writers.org, our values and motives to gain and pursue excellence in writings are indeed not in tandem with plagiarism in any form or intent. Thus, while we actively discourage such uncondonable practices, at operational levels we subject and test all our works to robust and highly proficient anti- plagiarism software that could skillfully and accurately detect any form of plagiarism in no time. This is a boon for the writing industry, given the large scale and alarming proportions of plagiarism that continue to afflict the industry and give puts well meaning, dedicated and client- focused firms in poor light. For their own sake, it is important for companies to subject all their professional works to reliable and competent Anti-plagiarism methodologies that could not only control and contain copying in manifest terms but also help to remedy such situations to maximum extent possible.


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