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At American-Writers.org, we are of the strong, unflinching and convinced opinion that in competitive online writing marketplace in which we operate, there are indeed diverse market forces and dynamic economics of demand and supply that control and sustain pricing. Besides, we also believe that our paramount commitment to our clients are in terms of providing high quality papers that justify the prices that clients pay to us for their papers and their reasonable and justified expectations from a high profile, high quality online essay writing service company such as ours.

Quality needs to match pricing

Overarching market forces do not allow high pricing that fails to be justified by high quality writing presentations. Online writing companies that do not deliver quality commensurating with their pricing, cannot endure for long in this highly competitive, disintegrated and differentiated business environment.

Nevertheless, we hope to be a long term player, whose primary aim is to provide major academic assistance to knowledge-seeking students and scholars the world over, and enforce Gold Standards, in all our academic endeavors, however trifling they may appear to be. It is thus in the economic fitness of things that we charge only very normal and reasonable prices from all our valued customers, since we are well aware of market dynamics and the ill effects of unreasonable and artificially inflated pricing in terms of our long term business growth and development over time.

Modest pricing in tune with needs of clients

Notwithstanding the well known fact that our pricing mechanism is reasonable, moderate and normal, in line with best industry practices, it would also conversely be ill advised to charge very low or subnormal prices, which are very much out of sync with best industry practices.

Being very cheap could indeed be dangerous for our kind of online business since not only could we make us prone to risks of being labeled as resorting to undercutting to gain more business prospects, but also, this could impair the economics of for-profit business which could force us out of this competitive market in the short run.

Charging too low prices is sign of business inefficiencies:

Besides, charging too low prices may affect quality and reputation of our business which has set itself highest quality, rich content value and reliable performance, which are inconsistent with industry standards and academic online writing performance benchmarks. Charging too cheap rates also carry risks of being bracketed with low performance players, whose association could be harmful for our reputation and business goodwill both in the short and long terms.

Best in the writing business:

We do lay claims to try and be the best in the business and this should be reflected and mirrored in our pricing strategies too, since charging too low would indeed reflect on our business prospects and economics for business in changing and challenging business environment.

Matching price with performance:

Finally, it is necessary that our pricing policies, practices and procedures reflect our keen and highly motivated business strategies that are really customer- centric and focuses on providing only the very best to our growing portfolio of customers, clients and business associates, with whom we are engaged in mutually productive, high performing and profitable business ventures. Our pricing systems are not too high to be uncomfortable for majority clients whom we intend to serve with the best of our abilities and competencies, and yet not too low to impact adversely on job quality, morale and motivation of cohorts of writing professionals and best industry practices in this critical, yet undermined realms of professional contracted online writing services.

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