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Privacy perpetration/Confidentiality is important at American-Writers.org

Besides quality and genuineness, American-Writers.org places great deal of emphasis and significance to the privacy aspects of clients and other stakeholders along the writing continuum. We believe that respect and honor for privacy of client data and classified information are core issues that can never be compromised with, no matter how critical, or urgent the situation is, or how important, imperative or critical this data could be to Third Parties.

Upholding/preserving client Privacy is Mission- critical for this company

This is because we believe that while parting with private and confidential data, clients repose and place great deal of trust, reliance and confidence in us and our firm, and we neither deem it fit nor ethical to pass this data, except in exceptional cases of legal or jurisprudential nature, wherein such data is in demand under US laws, and that too, only by authorized and empowered personnel under US Federal and State laws under proper authorization and permits. We are also only too well aware of the fact that our future growth and business development is largely dependent on how we handle and protect client- sensitive data secrecy and information and protect, preserve and uphold privacy issues to the utmost extent possible by us.

General conditions governing Privacy Policy

American-Writers.org would not sell, rent, trade or lease any information provided by clients, professionals or businesses under any circumstances, and for any kind of transactions, except for due process of law, under proper authority and license.

Besides, only trusted, reliable and competent Third Parties could be made subject to client information and that too, only for proper professional conduct of business and servicing users, on the condition that these gaining parties agree to keep the nature and determination of such information, private and confidential and not disclosable to any other parties or outside interests, inviting risks onto themselves, if they do. Thus, this Privacy Policy seeks to set to rest that data disclosures can only be done to enforce site policies, in connection with any current, or potential legal proceedings, or deliberations, in the course of motives to establish, exercise or defend its legal prerogatives, rights and obligations in competent court of law or otherwise, under law. Besides, it shall only be used for the purpose of enforcing commerce, confirmation and reaffirmation of alleged or ostensible credentials of clients, and also to duly inform clients, professionals and businesses about certain events taking place in American-Writers.org

Modus of Privacy Policy

Characteristically, when a client engages in business transaction with American-Writers.org, even the act of registering with this website, in suitable manner, it may be necessary for clients to be able to provide accurate and reliable data and information in terms of answers to queries about name, email addresses, mail address, phone numbers, credit card particulars, website user names and passwords, etc. However, at the discretion of the intended client, it is possible to just visit and surf the website anonymously, without having to disclose any kind of information. At American-Writers.org., professionals agree to credentiality agreements of clients prior to engaging in any kind of interactions with them, and this promise is abiding at all times and in all circumstances.

SSL Security

Finally, at American-Writers.org, we use only SSL (Secure Socket Layer) servers and besides all data archives relating to electronic transactions are protected by double encryption technology that adds volumes to security and privacy robustness.

Importance of Reference section

At American-Writers.org, the importance attached to reference cannot be overestimated since we are too well aware of what happens when borrowed ideas and words are not properly, or fully referenced, providing full and unabridged accounts of acknowledgements of sources and authorship of borrowed materials and resources, both in text and at the end of the work.

Wrong or incomplete referencing is akin to plagiarism or copying and could indeed open the floodgates for legal action for academic dishonesty and cheating. . Indeed there are different types of referencing styles that cater to different kinds of research papers. For instance, coming to the most used referencing styles of APA and MLA, most educational institutions in sciences, medical, health sciences, psychology, etc., use APA style (American Psychological Association) while papers on humanities, literature and arts, etc. use MLA style of referencing.

Besides ownership, academic honesty and integrity, there is need to seek compliance with University Guidelines, need to use suggested referencing style like MLA, APA, Harvard, Turabian, Chicago, AGPS, Vancouver, etc. Thus, it is not only necessary and important that research students have full theoretical knowledge of needed referencing styles, but are also able to practically provide and accurately enforce both in text and Reference List entries to complete the research studies fully and in prescribed and required manner.

What happens if necessary referencing and style conformance is correctly executed?

Essentially, references not only embellish and ornament research works, while also providing authenticity, evidence and proof of research studies.

In total, references provide inputs that substantiate, complete and authenticate research studies in terms of need for research evidence to substantiate, corroborate and legalize research studies of any genre.

Reference presentations impact grading

Indeed in many research works of secondary research nature, full grades are awarded to students based on the quality, genuineness and standards of provided research references and the need to adhere to standards in referencing, style conformance and needed execution of referencing laws and guidelines. While correct referencing does not automatically ensure higher grades, it does ensure that grades are not reduced due to incorrect or incomplete referencing.

What happens if necessary referencing and style conformance is correctly executed?

Lack of proper and accurate referencing may incur risks for plagiarism and copying. Copying, however accidental, or non intentional, is unacceptable in as much as American-Writers.org is concerned. Lack of, or incomplete referencing is another term for plagiarism and could be academically seriously viewed by marking University Marking Authority as such. Not only would plagiarized work be entitled for "zero" markings but the incumbent student could also be possibly made liable for disciplinary actions and potential legal proceedings, which could eventually lead to probable final rustication from the concerned University on grounds of proven academic dishonesty and malfeasance.


In the light of the above, it is only in best interests of student community the world over to strictly adhere and conform to University Guidelines on academic honesty and execute full and accurate referencing of research papers.

Since referencing is mandatory requirement for any paper worth its efforts, correct referencing may not really earn extra grades, but wrong or incomplete referencing may entail loss of grades or even an eventual "zero' marking on account of plagiarism.


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