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To begin with, we are a registered US firm with our Corporate office and Principal Place of business in United States, housed at 2525, Mississippi 1, Greensville, MS(Mississippi), 38701, Annie R. Major, United States of America. While we intend to be a global online writing company which provides a slew of expert online writing services with many genres of assignments, domestic and global, we cater mainly to student community situate in Europe, Americas, Canada, Asian, Australian and African destinations.

Procedure for Selection and Recruiting Writers

Our standards for writing are exceptional, extra ordinary and exemplary. We accept nothing but the very best since we understand only too well that it reflects on future academic careers of scores of our student clients that are at stake, and we make absolutely no compromises when it comes to providing them with what they academically need, and what their University demands from their academic coursework submissions. In line with our hiring policies we currently hire only writers who reside in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia and whose first language is English

Most of our current writers are USA expert Essay writing services and listed in our Writing Portfolio; hold Doctoral Degrees or equivalent in their chosen professions, besides being well experienced, superannuated and accomplished academicians and seasoned practitioners in their own rights.

High commitment leads to finest performance

They are highly motivated, committed, proficient and skilful in their areas of specialization and would also need to hold additional qualifications, skills and experience in their expert domains, like Psychology, World History, US/UK/ Canadian/ Australian history, Healthcare, Nursing, Mathematics, English Literature, Languages, Sociology and so on.

Handpicked from Top US Universities:

For instance, we would insist on seeking the quality writing services of professional writers who have served in some of the top US Universities like Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Chicago, Duke, Pennsylvania, CIT, Dartmouth and so on. For our major dissertations and other presentations on nursing, healthcare and allied services we prefer writing services of healthcare professionals who have served with distinction in Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins Hospital, Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center( for cancer related studies) and so on.

Besides we also hire retired writers who possess good insight, experience, knowledge and skills in other reputed Medical Universities, healthcare units and hospitals throughout the United States and who are ready and willing to place their academic resources for the academic support of needy student community all over the world. Our mode of writer selecting is very demanding, exacting, rigorous, discerning and we consider only the best candidates for the covetous positions of writers in our writing portfolio.

Authenticity of our writers

We prefer hiring online professional writers who have around 5-7 years of relevant experience in the field of academic writing. They need to know, understand and communicate in English as their first language, and need to draw from their rich repertoire of skill sets, qualifications and experiences for the benefit of our student client community drawn from different parts of the world. Knowledge of additional foreign languages like German, French, Korean, Arabic or Hebrew would be additional assets. Assigned writers need to confirm and ratify that the work done by them are originally their own, with Zero Count Plagiarism or copying of any sort.

Besides, it is also important and necessary that:

  • All requirements of the paper have been fully adhered to and honored
  • The assigned work is compeolte in all respects, including abstract, references and biblography
  • All outside references have been duly acknowledge and fully referenced
  • The assigned writers assume full responsibilities for due fulfillment of their work to the absolute academic satisfaction of the client

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